Long Island

Solar is the Right Choice for Long Island

Solar energy is making waves in the Long Island area.

More and more, energy companies are investing in solar arrays to farm large amounts of solar energy for their customers. It’s a huge investment for energy companies, not only saving themselves and their customers money in the long run with their clean energy production, but also increasing tax revenue for the area.

Shoreham Solar Commons

Newsday recently published an article about the new Shoreham Solar Commons, a 24.9-megawatt solar array from Duke Energy, which is expected to provide energy to roughly 3,500 homes in Long Island. This solar array is only one of many in the works for Long Island; there are at least two more large-scale arrays on the horizon in the next few years.

These solar farms aren’t only successful in their designed purpose of producing clean energy. They also enormously contribute to the tax revenue. Newsday states Shoreham Solar Commons will pay up to $900,000 per year in taxes. This is a massive benefit for the surrounding community. The residents get clean energy as well as better resources from the company’s tax payments. Truly a win-win!

Solar Technology

Clean energy is an essential upgrade for every homeowner to consider and solar arrays are an excellent example of how good the technology has become. When companies are able to successfully operate large-scale solar farms like Shoreham Solar Commons, just imagine what you can do on your own! Going solar is no longer an extravagant and out-of-reach ambition. The technology has improved incredibly over the years and it is now certainly an attainable goal for many homeowners. Why not make 2019 the year you and your family go solar?

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