Solar Panel Installation Commonly Asked Questions

Residential Solar Panel Installation Commonly Asked Questions

With solar power’s growing popularity in the past few years, many people have found themselves asking the same questions.

How can they know what’s right for them and their families?

What do costs look like?

How about savings over time?

These can be tough waters to navigate for anybody, let alone somebody deciding to alter the way that their home runs. Today, we’ll tackle a few common questions to help you decide if solar is right for you.

Do solar panels produce power even when the sun isn’t out?

Ahh– the age old question. The answer isn’t cut-and-dry; but it’s not complicated, either. Your solar energy system will produce power that’s dependent on the sun. Less energy will be produced when it’s cloudy and the sun is blocked and no energy will be produced at night. For anybody worried about frequent cloudy days, though, there’s no need to fret! Even those who live in cloudy cities benefit from solar energy stems. 

Are there really financial benefits?

Yes! Outside of your electricity bill going down initially, you’ll also be protecting yourself from future rises in electricity rates if you choose to install solar panels. Every household’s savings will look different; things like local utility rates and solar policies will have an influence on your pocketbook. There are a wealth of tools and calculators online that can help you start estimating what your savings could look like

Will my property value be impacted?

More than you might think. Studies have shown that oftentimes, going solar will raise your property value even more than a kitchen renovation. Homes with solar energy systems have been shown time and time again to sell for more than those without solar panels.

What about snow on the panels?

You’re right to be concerned. Your solar panels convert sunlight into the power needed to run your home; and if they’re blanketed in snow, they can’t produce electricity. Generally speaking, most homeowners find that the angle at which panels are installed tends to let snow slide off of them without worry. Should snow accumulated, panels are a breeze to wipe off and clean. 

Studies have shown that many of us are interested in adopting more eco-friendly living methods. Solar panels are a fantastic way to move towards a sustainable lifestyle; but, understandably, a lot of us have questions where our money and the actual science of solar energy are concerned. Luckily, once we wade through the information, most of us stand to benefit tremendously from residential solar panels! Contact us today to talk about options for going solar in your own home. 

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