Project Sunroof

Project Sunroof Shows Your Solar Savings

Have you thought about getting solar panels on the roof of your home?

Well, if you’re like most homeowners out there, chances are you’ve thought about it the same way you’ve thought about getting a new swimming pool, or a fancy stained glass window; as a luxury. Solar panels aren’t a luxury, though. In fact, it’s possible they could be one of the most essential things for both a home, and for the nation’s power needs.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to solar power is that so many homeowners don’t know how much money they could save long-term if their homes could generate power. Because if every roof in the United States had solar panels on it, that would provide up to 39 percent of the nation’s energy, according to sustainability… but how much of that would be yours?

That’s Where Project Sunroof Comes into the Picture!

A project created by Google, Project Sunroof takes several streams of data, crunches all the numbers, and gives you an estimate for how much sun would hit your roof.

Once you can see how much sun you get (and find out how much energy it could produce), solar panels stop looking like an expensive add-on, and more like what they are; a practical necessity for every homeowner out there.

The project was started by Google engineer Carl Elkin, who realized that all the information homeowners needed was already out there; they just needed the technology to pull the information together in order to present it in an easy-to-digest format.

By using the 3D images of the Earth’s surface, tracking weather patterns, and modeling how sunlight would strike one’s roof, Google’s programs can give homeowners the numbers they need in plain English, showing exactly what a smart investment solar can be.

For more information about solar power, and to find out how cheap it can be to get started in, simply contact us today!

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