Technology Makes It Simple to Go Solar

New Technology Makes It Simple To Go Solar

The solar power industry has been booming over the past decade, with new advances in technology coming out regularly. Homeowners are choosing solar more and more each year, and 2019 will be no different.

What Happened In 2018?

Last year, solar became one of the most cost efficient forms of renewable energy production. Costs for residential solar power systems have dropped by 60% over the past several years and as systems become more efficient to produce, they will only continue to become more affordable for homeowners.

Tesla came out with an exciting new take on solar panels with their Tesla Solar Roof. Each shingle is its own solar panel, allowing for an invisible way to incorporate a solar power system in your home. It’s hard to keep up with what Tesla is up to these days, but this is definitely something you’ll want to keep an eye on as they continue developing it.

What’s Coming Up?

2019 will bring huge technological improvements to existing solar panels. The new Maxim solar cell optimizer is rolling out with great success, allowing for optimization of each individual solar cell string instead of each solar panel, as previously done. This increases the energy output, increases the size of the system, and reduces overall power degradation.

New panel types are also becoming available in more options, which is attractive to homeowners because of the ability to customize the system to your home. These new types all incorporate the same functionality, but offer different appearances so you can choose which type looks best on your home. You can even apply solar panel skins to mimic the look of your shingles. You definitely don’t have to sacrifice your curb appeal when you go solar!

2019 Is The Year To Go Solar

On top of the money you’ll save by producing your own energy, many states including New York offer a tax credit for solar system installations. This incentive allows homeowners to save up to 30% off of the overall cost of your energy system. Not only will you be doing your part to make a cleaner world, you’ll be saving money doing it.

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