Planning for the Future

Islip Students Push Town Toward Planning For The Future

Sometimes all it takes to move forward is a push. That’s just what’s happening in Islip, after a group of high school students found their town’s 2009 climate change resolution on the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation website and realized that the guidelines set in it were not being followed.

An article recently published by Newsday states that members of the Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee’s Sayville Chapter brought the issue to the table at a town meeting in January, saying that they would like to see Islip begin policies to follow through on the 10-year-old resolution.

Goals outlined in the document include reducing carbon emissions, decreasing overall energy use, and gathering data on the town’s greenhouse gas emissions. Although the town has done some environmentally-minded things over the years like installing energy-efficient light bulbs in town buildings, the student group doesn’t believe that’s enough to live up to where Islip was heading back in 2009.

Impacts of Neglected Environmental Goals

Unfortunately, it’s clear that Islip isn’t the only town to make slow progress on environmental resolutions. NOAA recently released that 2018 was the fourth hottest year globally in their 139 years of record keeping. The top three spots are taken by the past three years, 2015-2017.

Rising temperatures around the world indicate a severe lack of effort in reducing climate change impacts. In the early 2000s, communities were embracing the idea of long term goals in reducing their environmental impact but now that we’re almost 20 years into the 2000s, it’s clear we’ve been stagnating for a while.

Inspiration for the Future

Reminders like the one this group of students brought to councilors in Islip are a much needed breath of fresh air and are vital to continuing efforts for a cleaner tomorrow. With their help, Islip will hopefully see new policies in place to make the town a New York “Clean Energy Community” and be able to receive grants for funding clean energy efforts like solar systems instead of fossil fuel use.

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